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Catherine Wynkoop

M. Catherine Wynkoop started her acting career with “Fall of an Actor: The Joel D. Wynkoop Story,” back in 1999.

Since then, Cathy has starred and made several appearances in many movies like “Into The Woods,” “Aspiring Psychopath,” “The Bite,” “Before I Die,” “Always Midnight,” “Make The Die Sleazy!,” “$cumbagz,” “Twisted Illusions 2,” “Deadly Dares: Truth or Dare Part 4,” Joel D. Wynkoop’s “Diary of Blood,” “Psychos R Us,” “Tainted Love,” and “The Paranormal Club.”

Cathy also played Captian Auhn-Rue of the SYFY show Joel D. Wynkoop’s, “The Other Side.”

She has just completed work on Seb Godwin’s “Lycanimator,” “Battlesuit,” “Dead End,” and “Nekoda.”

Cathy has also been cast in the upcoming movie, “Onslaught.”

Her latest movie, “I Dared You Truth or Dare 5,” premieres at The Tampa Theatre on September 1, 2017.


To see more of Cathy you can visit her Facebook page at FACEBOOK

Her Internet movie Data Base can be seen here IMDB